Fuji Electric opens Roanoke engineering and assembly facility

ROANOKE, Va. — Fuji Electric expanded its production operations in Roanoke by opening a new 37,000-square-foot engineering and assembly facility. The company will assemble its Variable Speed Drive Custom Panels, Uninterruptible Power Systems and Auxiliary Power Systems at the plant.

The firm decided to open a larger facility and expand its engineering and production efforts in Roanoke because of the city’s strong manufacturing presence and large pool of qualified, skilled employees. Fuji Electric has begun production on custom panels and will conduct assembly, witness testing and sales training on its newly released Uninterruptible Power Systems. Production on APS products will begin later this year.

Fuji’s new facility will help it increase business activities in the U.S. The expansion will enable the company to be more flexible in responding quickly to customers’ evolving needs and reducing lead time on product shipments.

Source: Area Development

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