SoapBox Soaps – Good. Clean. Hope.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — SoapBox Soaps is helping save lives around the world with simple bars of soap, clean water and vitamins. The Alexandria-based organization donates one bar of soap, fresh water or vitamin supplements to a child in need for every bar of its soap that is purchased.

Founder David Simnick was a subcontractor at United States Agency for International Development. His vision was for a company that could empower customers to change the world through simple, everyday purchases. SoapBox Soaps is the realization of that vision.

Simnick and co-founder Dan Doll perfected the soap recipe and started selling to mom-and-pop stores. SoapBox Soaps began selling in Whole Foods locations in March 2012 and 300 Target stores followed soon. The company wires money to a local charity or program partner to provide soap and clean water. Partners are encouraged to buy locally and support the local economy.

SoapBox Soaps has been able to reach four continents and provide 260,000 bars of soap, a year’s supply of vitamins to 68,200 people through charity partner Vitamin Angels, and a year’s supply of water to more than 319,186 people through charity partners Splash and Rain Catcher.

SoapBox Soaps’ motto is Good. Clean. Hope. That is how it works to empower others and build stronger communities.

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