Frolick Dogs, canine sports club, open in Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Frolick Dogs in Alexandria is like a one-stop gym, yoga retreat and training school for dogs. The startup opened last summer and is focused on owners who wants to pamper their dogs and make sure they live long and healthy lives.

Co-owners Kevin and Kim Gilliam bring a diverse set of skills to Frolick Dogs and its 6,000-square-foot exercise facility. Kim has management experience and handles day-to-day operations, and Kevin brings seven years of dog training experience to the canine sports club.

Canine members of Frolick Dogs participate in the company’s agility training classes, which include obstacle courses and treadmills. The facility provides a number of options for year-round, indoor dog exercise. Owners may wash and clean their non-human best friends in Frolick’s self-grooming area. Day boarding and wellness programs, where experts give seminars about various aspects of maintaining a dog’s health, are also available.

More than 40 million dogs in the U.S. are estimated to be overweight. Frolick Dogs is working to reverse that trend.

Image courtesy of Frolick Dogs

Source: Free Enterprise 

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